The Wheel of Time

A documentary by Werner Herzog about the Buddhist pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya

Amazing Documentary on Buddha Boy

An amazing documentary on Ram Bahadur Bomjan, the so-called Buddha Boy (now 22) who had meditated for 3 years without food or water from 2005-2008

Altered States of Consciousness – An Upgrade to Higher Awareness

An underlined assumption in our society is that everyday waking consciousness is the truest expression of how things are out there in “objective” reality. We assume it to be more valid than say dream...

We Have Arrived at the Dawn of the Unknowing

    There is a move towards seeking to live in harmony with nature, as was once the case, and not to treat the natural world as an enemy or something to be exploited. There is...

Be Your Own Guru: Authoritarianism and the Problem of the Guru in Conscious Evolution

One of the major focal points in terms of processing the idea of spiritual teachers is wondering to what extent they are necessary at all in the development of the individual as a spiritual...

Rare Interview From 6/18/1964 with George-Van-Tassel on ETs & Time Travel

Original air-date: June 18, 1964. This recording is from the KVOS Channel 12 Films, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA. 700 year old Nordics, Space Travel, Time travel (f =1/T), technology swap. In...
LiB Temple Music Lineup

Lightning in a Bottle 2014 Lucent Temple x Yoga x Artique Lineups Announced

Once again the Temple of Consciousness will have its own musical experience with the world, devotional, and calming live music offering a soundtrack to the journeys within. Over 20 artists will be performing World...

Wonderfruit: Thailand’s First Globally Conscious & Eco-Friendly Festival

  Following a successful inaugural year, Wonderfruit, Thailand’s first globally conscious, eco-friendly boutique camping festival, releases the first wave of its 2015 musical lineup to include The Faint, The Submotion Orchestra, Howie B, Dapayk Solo, Desktop Error, Mahajamreon, Polycat and...